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TILE GROUT SEALER PW-600 | Waterproof | Non Yellowing | Stain Resistance | Anti-mould | Waterproof |

TILE GROUT SEALER PW-600 | Waterproof | Non Yellowing | Stain Resistance | Anti-mould | Waterproof |

  • TILE GROUT SEALER PW-600 | Waterproof | Non Yellowing | Stain Resistance | Anti-mould | Waterproof |
TILE GROUT SEALER PW-600 | Waterproof | Non Yellowing | Stain Resistance | Anti-mould | Waterproof |
Datos del producto:
Lugar de origen: CHINA
Nombre de la marca: PERFLEX
Certificación: CE | RoHS | GB/T19001-2016/ISO 9001:2015
Número de modelo: P-20
Pago y Envío Términos:
Detalles de empaquetado: Tubo doble plástico | Caja de papel/pedazos
Tiempo de entrega: 7days
Capacidad de la fuente: 20million pedazos/año
Descripción detallada del producto
Material: Polímero de la resina de Polyaspartic + pigmentos de alto grado y añadidos especiales Clasificación: Lechada de epoxy componente de la teja dos
Otros nombres: lechada no que amarillea | Lechada de la teja de la resistencia a las inclemencias del tiempo | Lech Color: Brillo | Brillante | Matt | Arena de Matt
Vida útil: 24 meses Uso: Baldosa cerámica | Mármol | Relleno de piedra de la junta del etc, beatificación
El embalar: 400ml/pcs, tubo plástico de Doubule Aspecto: Goma lisa
Característica: Anti-moho | Resistencia de la mancha | Prenda impermeable | Durable | Fácil limpiar | Mampostería fá Palabras claves: Lechada de epoxy de la teja | Lechada de epoxy | Aliste para ir lechada | Teje el sellante
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tile adhesive grout


shower tile grout sealer

Introduction: PW-100 Indoor Waterproof Tile Sealer consists of Polyaspartic resin, non-yellowing prepolymer and additives.

Product features

■ Anti-slip

■ Ultra clear, improve the gloss of the old tile

■ Environmental protection, odorless, zero formaldehyde

■ Good adhesion to tiles

■ Excellent impact resistance and elongation at break

■ Simple construction and quick drying



Waterproof repair of the ceramic tile/marble/granite/ natural stone surface of the kitchen and toilet.



Technical Data

Item Technical Data
Solid content by weight ≥100 %(Part A and Part B mixed)
Tensile strength(MPa) 10MPa (400-600um)
Break elongation(%) ≥100%
Tear strength(kN/m) ≥60
hardness(Shore A) ≥70
Adhesion to primer(MPa) ≥10MPa
Abrasion resistance(750g/500r)/ug ≤20
Salt resistance 240h(3%NaCl) Perfect film, no bubble
Alkali resistance 240h(5%NaOH solution) Perfect film, no bubble
Acid resistance 240h(5%H2SO4) Perfect film, no bubble
Waterproof property 30 days(25℃) Perfect film, no bubble


Physical Parameter

Item Technical Data
Color Clear transparent (color can be formulated)
Flash point 98±3℃
Viscosity 600±200CPS(25℃,Part A and Part B mixed)
Density 1.05g/cm3
Gloss High gloss
Film thickness Horizon Dry film:200-300 um Wet film:200-300μm
Vertical dry film:200-300 um Wet film:200-300μm
Theoretical Value 9 .3 sq.m/Kg/100μm
Actual value related to surface treatment, outside environment, application method and variety of factors.


Application Parameter

Usage ratio:

Brush or scrape: Part A:Part B:Diluent=1:0.6 by weight,mix it thoroughly before applying.

Working time:

Temperature(℃) 5 10 20 25
Pot life after mixing(min) 40-50 30-40 20-30 15-20





Application Condition

Ambient temperature: 5℃-30℃,Ambient moisture:≤75%

Substrate temperature: must 3℃ higher than dew point

Application method:Brush or Scrape

Cleaning agent:Standard Polyaspartic diluent

Drying time and recoat window:

Temperature(℃) 5 10 20 30
Touch dry(hrs) 3 2.5 2 1.5
Finger press dry(hrs) 12 10 6 5


Statistics above is only for guidance, actual drying time and recoat window could be changeable, depends on film thickness, ventilation, humidity, undercoat, loading demand and mechanical strength.


Surface Treatment

1- Clean the residue of ceramic tile with a rag.

2- Pour appropriate putty powder or other powder on the tile surface, and then use rags or emery cloth to repeatedly force the powder on the tile surface to remove polishing wax and stains on tile surface.

3- Clean the powder and water on the tile surface.

4- It is recommended to apply the special interface agent once on the smooth tile surface.

Storage Condition

Shelf life:Part A:12 months Part B: 12 months

Storage temperature: 0℃-30℃

Package Standard

Part A:1KG

Part B:0.6KG

Safety Measures

l Avoid touching skin or eyes

l In case of skin contact, wash affected area with moderate cleaning agent. In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water and go to hospital immediately.

l Ensure good ventilation

l Coating contains flammable matter. Keep it away from spark and smoking around construction area is forbidden

l Please observe all health safety regulation


the information in product specification is totally base on our acknowledge in lab and practice. Because the usage of product usually is out of our control, we only provide assurance of our product quality. We reserve the rights of modifying this specification without prior notice.


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